I’m moving out. What steps do I need to take?


Tenants must give a 30 day notice in writing and must give a forwarding address as a condition for refund of security deposit. If proper notice is not given, you will be charged for the following month’s rent.

You can e-mail your intent to vacate to leasing@cblubbock.com or you can download the TAR-2218 Notice of Tenant’s Intent to Vacate and e-mail or fax it to our office. Intent to Vacate (print out)  |  Intent to Vacate (sign electronically)

To ease your move-out, we’ve created a check-list for you to follow to ensure that no additional charges are billed back to you. Click here for this list.

Please note, upon move out tenant will have carpets professionally cleaned and provide receipts. Carpets cleaned by Rug Doctors or any rental devices that allow tenants to clean carpets themselves will not be accepted.

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