Towards the end of February and beginning of March, we will start pre-marketing properties for the fall semester. Our office is flooded with phones calls for pre-leasing questions that we have no choice but to start marketing sooner.

Currently, your lease is set to expire, either in May, June, or July of 2019. Our preference is for you to renew. At this time if you are willing to renew within 14 days of the above date, we can renew with no rent increase. However, we must have the renewal signed within 14 days of the above date. If you are still unsure what your plans are that is understandable. This letter is NOT a notice to vacate or an intent not renew your lease, it is to inform you that we will start marketing your property for preleasing applicants.

Once we begin marketing, a sign will be placed in the front yard, and a key box may be placed at the property. You will have a 24-hour notice before any showings. The showing notification will come from our showing service. That service is called Showing Time. The number that will be calling you is 855-920-6780 or 855-288-4397 please make sure that you save these numbers in your phone. This service will reach out to you arrange the time.

You will be given a  call, text, and email when the showing will happen. There is not a need for you to be there during the showing, but you are more than welcomed to be present. A licensed agent will accompany showing prospects. Please make sure that keyless deadbolts are disengaged for the showing. Remember that you may be charged a trip charge if the agent is unable to show the property because the keyless deadbolt is engaged, or if there is a loose animal that prevents a safe showing, or has been refused access by any tenant and an appointment has been set. As a policy, we do not schedule Sunday showings. Please note that coordinating 3 different schedules is extremely difficult to do. That is why you will be given a 24-hour notice. We want to be as flexible as possible when it comes to potential showings. So if there are times that will not work, please let us know and will look to see what we can work out.

If later you decide that you want to renew, please notify us immediately. We may be working an application, but our preference is to keep our existing tenants. We may not be able to keep the rent the same rate, but typically our rent increases do not exceed 5% unless the property is grossly under rented.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 806-784-3271.

– Coldwell Banker Residential Property Management