Getting into your new place just got easier—and cheaper.​

Jetty Deposit is a deposit alternative that replaces a traditional cash deposit with a low, non-refundable payment. It doesn’t get you off the hook for paying rent or damages but gives your landlord security in renting to you without collecting a large sum upfront.

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Learn more about how Jetty Deposit works below. 

How it Works

Save Some Serious Cash

Instead of putting up a ton of cash before moving in, you can opt for a low monthly payment (or a one-time payment) that costs a fraction of a traditional security deposit. This saves you hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars on move-in costs.

Sign up in seconds.

In less than a minute, you can sign up from your smartphone or computer. Plus, they take credit cards—so you won’t need to dig out your checkbook to get covered.

Move out and move on.

If you take good care of your place, you’ll simply move out when your lease is up. Sure beats waiting around for a deposit refund! Remember, you remain liable for damages and unpaid rent. If you fail to settle your account when you move out, we will step in and pay your landlord up to the total amount of the policy. We will then work with you directly to recover that amount.