Owner Forms

This is a sample of our property management agreement

This is a sample of our leasing only option

This form is similar to a sellers disclosure when you are selling a property. This will need to filled out an returned to our office.

This is for IRS income reporting

This is the form that you will need to send to to your insurance company naming Coldwell Banker Residential Property Management as and additional insured as well as maintain a minimum of $100,000 in general liability insurance.

This is stating that you have received notice of State of Texas Property Code requirements and understand that Coldwell Banker will install smoke detectors.

This is disclosing what your obligations are as a landlord.

If you home was built before 1978 this will need to be filled out.

Your online owner portal will give you the ability to make owner contributions. However, in the rare event this is not convenient or available. We are able to draft your account. Our preference is for you to use your online owner portal to make the necessary owner contributions.

This form talks about agency relationships in the State of Texas.

This is used in the event that we need funds for repairs or any other expense that maybe coming up.