Move-In and Move-Out


Before taking possession of the property, you must ensure that all of your move-in fees have been paid. You will already have your deposit paid, so you will not see an owed amount when you log in. The system is not posting a charge because you have not moved in yet. When you pay, your payment will go into a prepayment status, and then at move-in, your payment will apply to the correct charges.

Make sure that your move-in charges are paid as quickly as possible. Any delayed payments or payment rejections may slow our ability to process your move-in by at least one business day or void your lease.

ACH payments are essentially electronic checks. This payment system works off of routing numbers and account numbers. These are the same numbers that are on checks. These funds may not be drafted from your account and may take a few days to process on your bank’s side. Make sure that you have the funds to clear this payment. We will consider the amounts paid the same day you make your payment. (like a paper check)

If possible, avoid using debit or credit cards. Our software charges a 3% processing fee on any credit card, including debit cards.

You must provide us with your account numbers for the respective utility before we allow you to move in. You may email us with account numbers at or CLICK HERE. If you rent a property in Lubbock, you must call the City of Lubbock Utilities (COLU) for water, Sewer, and Trash. If you live outside the city limits, COLU may not provide trash service, and a private company must be used. If this is the case, then the owner of your unit will already have the services set up and will bill you for those services.

Setting up utilities is easy. View our Utilities Page to get a list of vendors.

City of Lubbock Residents

You can now compare electricity plans, such as shopping for cell phones or internet services. This retail electric competition allows you to evaluate options based on pricing, fuel resources, and contract terms. Numerous providers across the state are ready to offer their services, with LP&L maintaining the electric infrastructure.

  • TXU Energy
    Coldwell Banker has opted for TXU Energy as our electricity provider for vacant properties and those where electricity costs are billed back to tenants.
    We have been impressed with TXU Energy’s rates and services. Through our partnership with other management companies, we hope to secure better rates for our residents with TXU. While specific rates for individual tenants cannot be guaranteed, we believe TXU’s offerings are advantageous.
    To sign up with TXU Energy, please visit to find plans tailored to renters’ needs.

    You may also visit

  • South Plains Electric Co-Op – (806) 775-7766 |  Website – 
    SPEC has a specific coverage area. If you live in this area, you do not have the option to pick a provider, and you must use SPEC. Coverage Area Map 

Water / Sewer / Trash

  • City of Lubbock Utilities (COLU) – (806) 775-2509 |  Website


  • ATMOS Energy – Gas company (888) 286-6700 | Website


City of Wolforth Residents

To get a complete list of utilities for Wolforth, you may visit their site here


  • Excel Energy – 800-895-4999 |   Website 
  • South Plains Electric Co-Op – (806) 775-7766 |  Website – 
    SPEC has a specific coverage area. If you live in this area, you do not have the option to pick a provider, and you must use SPEC. Coverage Area Map 


  • ATMOS Energy – Gas company (888) 286-6700 | Website

Water Water / Sewer / Trash

  • City of Wolforth – 806-855-4120 | Website


City of Shallowater Residents

To get a complete list of utilities for Shallowater, you may visit their site here


  • Excel Energy – 800-895-4999 |   Website 
  • South Plains Electric Co-Op – (806) 775-7766 |  Website – 
    SPEC has a specific coverage area. If you live in this area, you do not have the option to pick a provider, and you must use SPEC. Coverage Area Map 


  • ATMOS Energy – Gas company (888) 286-6700 | Website

Water / Sewer/ Trash

  • City of Shallowater – 806-696-4300 | Website

After we confirm that all of your payment and utility obligations have been completed, we will send you the code for the lockbox on the property to start your move-in. Unless requested, you will not need to meet at our office for your move-in.

The lockbox code will be sent to you by 9:00 a.m. on your move-in date. If you need it earlier, please call our office at 806-784-3271, and we will try to accommodate you.


It is a good idea to confirm at least 24 hours to move in that we have received everything. You may speak with either the property manager for your property or the property’s leasing agent.

You will have up to seven (7) days to submit your inventory and condition form. This is the document where you will list all deficiencies on the property. We encourage you to be as thorough as possible. This form will be in your move-in packet. You may also download the form here. You may also submit photos and videos. If you are submitting many pictures or videos, we suggest you submit those using a cloud-based document-sharing platform like Google Drive, Box, DropBox, or YouTube.


The Move-in Inventory Condition Form is not a request for repairs. Make sure that you are submitting repairs through your online portal. Click here to link the online portal login.

If there are multiple items, it is sometimes easier to keep a list and then submit it through the portal or by emailing us


When the lease ends you must surrender the property in the same condition as when received. Normal wear and tear excepted. Please make sure that you leave the property in a clean condition, free of all trash, debris and any personal property. If you signed a cleaning waiver prior to move in, you will still be required to have the property clean.

 Your notice must be given to us in writing. Text messaging is not an acceptable form of notice. The best method of providing notice is through your tenant portal. Under the contact Link on the left-hand side of your portal, you will have the option to request to move out. You may also email at Make sure that you include your name and the address of the property. 

All lease terms will expire at the end of the month. Per your lease, you must pay through the end of the month. The last month will not be prorated unless a new tenancy starts within that month.

If you are within your initial lease term, please review your lease. Most leases are 30 days, but some may be 60 days. Please consult your lease.

If you are month-to-month (MTM), you must give notice any day prior to the month you want to be out. For example, if you want to be out in August, you must submit your notice to us any day in July but no later than July 31. If you give your notice on August 1, you will be responsible through the end of SEPTEMBER. 

You must provide us with a forwarding address. If you do not have a forwarding address when the notice is given, please ensure you get that to us as quickly as possible. A delay in getting us an updated address will delay the return of the security deposit.

Once your notice has been given, our Property Manager will contact you to schedule a preliminary walkthrough. This will typically be done within seven days of your notice to vacate. You are welcomed to be present at this walkthrough. The purpose of this walkthrough, though, is to get an idea of the condition and answer any questions you may have about what could be charged back to you if not corrected.

A lockbox will be put on your property with a key to access the property for showings or vendor access to get bids.

We will start pre-leasing the property when you give notice. It isn’t easy to sync multiple schedules. Therefore, we will not schedule same-day showings, and there will be no Sunday showings. You will be given a notice at least the day before any showing. Showing may happen on Saturday, but those showings are typically scheduled after 10:00 am, and you will receive a notification on Friday.
We may need to send vendors to your property to give us bids on work that needs to be done. We prefer that you be there for those times, but it is not required. You will also be given one-day notice for any vendor appointments unless it is an emergency.

You are required to maintain utilities through the last day of your lease regardless if you have vacated early.

When you move out of the property, you will be expected to have the property cleaned and ready for a new move-in. For your convenience, you may download this move-out checklist

You will need to check your lease, but the majority of all leases will show that you are responsible for carpet cleaning and pest control. Receipts must be provided and must be performed by professional companies. Rug doctors or any other self-cleaning machine or spraying will not be accepted as satisfying this condition of the lease.

Surrender occurs when all occupants have vacated the property, and one of the following events has happened: 1. The date you specified in writing as the move-out or termination date has passed, or 2. You return all keys and devices that we provided. 

You may turn keys into our office. You may also drop them off in our drop box after hours, weekends or holidays. DO NOT BRING IN GARAGE DOOR OPENERS. You will be charge $90 per garage door opener if they are not left at the property. Make sure you don’t leave it in your car.

We will walk your unit within one business day after your move out. All receipts, carpet cleanings, cleanings must be done when you turn in keys. It will be at the property managers’ discretion to allow repairs or cleanings after your move-out date.

Your security deposit or Statement of Deposit must be postmarked by the 30th day you give possession back to us. As a company policy, we typically send security deposits back on the 28th day after your move out. Please remember to get us your forwarding address.