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Oscar Armendariz

Property Management Department Head

Oscar is the dedicated operations executive for Coldwell Banker’s single-family and multi-family departments, now entering his 21st year with the company. His career began in residential sales in 2003, and he started his journey into property management in 2006, demonstrating his versatility and deep understanding of the real estate landscape. In 2012, with support from his broker, he was instrumental in establishing Coldwell Banker’s property management division, transitioning to full-time property management operations by 2015.

Beyond his professional achievements, Oscar’s personal life is enriched by his marriage to Lita, a committed middle school teacher at Hutchinson Middle School. Together, they have a daughter and share a passion for Texas Tech football. The Armendariz family also treasures their adventures through the Texas Hill Country, embarking on quests to discover the ultimate Texas BBQ experience.

Oscar’s blend of professional dedication and personal passions makes him a well-rounded individual, deeply rooted in his community and field.

Michael Fernuik

Business Development Manager

Michael Fernuik is not only celebrated for his role as the Business Development Manager at Coldwell Banker Residential Property Management but is also known for his fervent support of Texas Tech, embodying the spirit and passion of a true fan.

His enthusiasm extends beyond the professional realm into a profound love for the outdoors, where he finds both solace and adventure. Michael’s zest for life is evident in everything he does, bringing a unique blend of passion and enthusiasm to his work, hobbies, and interactions.

This dynamic approach ensures that he not only meets but exceeds expectations in his quest to grow the business, support property owners, and indulge in his personal interests, making him a distinguished figure both within and outside of the workplace.

Monee Beecham


Monee Beecham is the cornerstone of Coldwell Banker’s property management division, serving as the esteemed bookkeeper for over seven years. Her role is critical, encompassing a broad spectrum of financial duties from meticulous daily bookkeeping to managing utility bills and invoices, crafting detailed monthly statements, and compiling essential end-of-year reports.

Monee’s reliability and precision have made her an indispensable asset to our office, earning her the affectionate title of everyone’s favorite. Beyond her indispensable work contributions, Monee is deeply devoted to her family—enjoying precious time with her husband, two daughters, and grandson.

Haley Box

Property Management Executive

Haley Box serves as the Property Management Executive for Single Family Homes, where she excels as the principal liaison for property owners. With a keen focus on the effective and efficient management of each portfolio under her care, Haley is dedicated to ensuring that every property reaches its full potential.

Beyond her professional commitments, Haley finds joy in life’s simpler pleasures. She treasures moments spent with her two daughters, exploring the delights of cooking, immersing herself in the pages of a good book, and embracing the tranquility of the great outdoors. Haley’s blend of professional diligence and personal enrichment underscores her holistic approach to success and well-being.

Denea Garcia

Property Management Executive

Denea Garcia is an experienced Property Manager specializing in single-family homes, adept at managing tenant relations, coordinating move-outs, preparing properties for the market, and executing evictions when necessary.

Outside of work, she is a devoted mother of four who relishes family time, enjoys cooking, and loves discovering new coffee shops. Her professional expertise and personal passions make her a dynamic and balanced individual.

April Walker

Property Management Executive (Multifamily)

April Walker is the Property Management Executive for the Multifamily Team, with a pivotal role in overseeing the operations of apartment communities in collaboration with onsite property managers. Boasting over 16 years of experience in the industry, April brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership, and insight to her position, ensuring the highest standards of management across all properties.

Outside of her professional life, April cherishes the moments spent with her husband, Ty, their children, and grandchildren. These moments of personal joy and family gatherings enrich her life, providing a perfect balance to her successful career.

mykala saiz

Property Manager

Mykala Saiz is a seasoned Property Manager on the single-family home team, boasting over eight years of dedicated service. Her role encompasses managing property turnovers, nurturing tenant relationships, and ensuring smooth operations. What sets Mykala apart is her versatile experience in single-family and multifamily properties, making her expertise well-rounded and highly valuable.

Beyond her professional life, Mykala is passionate about spending quality time with family and friends, embracing the summer by the pool, and indulging in trying new foods. Her well-balanced blend of professional acumen and personal interests highlights her as a dynamic and integral part of her team and a vibrant personality.

Julie Weaver

Property Manager

Julie Weaver is a Property Manager specializing in single-family homes, where she expertly navigates tenant relations and oversees the move-out and make-ready processes to ensure properties are market-ready with efficiency.

Julie’s talents extend far beyond her professional life. In her leisure time, she delights in engaging movie critiques with her daughter, embarking on thrift shopping adventures with her son, and immersing herself in the creative worlds of quilting, sewing, tie-dyeing, and a broad spectrum of crafts. A lifelong Lubbock resident, Julie deeply appreciates the local art scene, which she passionately explores and supports. 

Allie Johnson

multifamily property manager

Allie is our Multi-Family Property Manager at Coldwell Banker, where she has contributed her expertise for nearly three years, drawing on a rich background in property management spanning eight years.

Having called Lubbock home for over a decade, she has deeply integrated into the community, adding a personal touch to her professional role. Outside the office, Allie cherishes the moments spent with her son and friends, making the most of her leisure time. Her career dedication and commitment to family and social life showcase a well-balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Maricruz Martinez

Property Associate

Maricruz stands out as a Property Associate, where her confidence and positivity shine through every aspect of her work. Renowned for her dedication to resolving service requests, meticulous approach to lease renewals, and exceptional tenant communication, she sets a high standard of professionalism.

Beyond her infectious laughter and upbeat demeanor, Maricruz is deeply committed to her role, offering a warm, personalized experience to ensure tenants always feel acknowledged and valued. Her unique blend of humor and professional dedication enhances the office atmosphere and serves as a testament to the synergy of passion and excellence in the workplace.

Outside of work, Maricruz treasures spending Sundays with her family, basking in the sun, and indulging in arts and crafts. She’s also known for her adventurous spirit, often spotted making a splash as she masters the art of paddleboarding during the summer.

Leah Bounds

Property Associate

Leah Bounds is a dedicated property associate specializing in single-family homes. In her role, she is committed to providing exceptional support to tenants, seamlessly handling maintenance requests, effectively marketing properties, and efficiently facilitating lease renewals.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Leah is passionate about creating cherished memories with her daughter. She finds joy in exploring the art of cooking and delving into creative projects, making each moment count through her culinary explorations and craft-making endeavors. Her blend of professional dedication and personal passions contributes to a balanced and fulfilling life.

Lupita gandara

office coordinator

Lupita Gandara shines as the Office Coordinator, where she is the first warm welcome clients receive. Her duties extend beyond greeting; she meticulously processes incoming applications and manages keys, ensuring smooth operations within the office.

Lupita is an avid reader outside her professional realm, delving into the pages of books that span genres and worlds. She also treasures quality time with her husband, family, and friends, finding joy and rejuvenation in their company. Lupita’s blend of professional efficiency and personal warmth makes her an indispensable part of the team.

Bryan Goldston

Leasing Agent

Bryan Goldston is a dynamic Leasing Agent at Coldwell Banker Residential Property Management, where he excels in showcasing properties to prospective tenants and facilitating a seamless move-in experience.

A Lubbock native, Bryan’s deep roots in the area and extensive local knowledge, developed over 22 years, enrich his interactions and connections within the community.

Celebrating his 7th year with Coldwell Banker, his commitment to excellence and deep understanding of the local real estate landscape have made him a valuable asset to the team.

Outside of work, Bryan is an avid outdoorsman, finding solace and excitement in fishing and hunting. He is also a passionate supporter of Red Raider sports, enthusiastically following his favorite teams. Bryan’s professional expertise and interests reflect a well-rounded individual dedicated to his career, community, and personal pursuits.

Sheree Early

Leasing Agent

Sheree distinguishes herself in real estate with her unparalleled expertise and a distinctly personalized approach to client service, ensuring every leasing process is smooth and stress-free. She is dedicated to understanding and meeting each client’s unique needs, providing insightful guidance tailored to their rental search. Her professionalism shines through in efficient property viewings and meticulous lease negotiations, underpinned by a commitment to integrity, transparency, and client satisfaction.

Beyond her career, Sheree enjoys the thrill of dirt track racing, football, and quality time with loved ones, reflecting her well-rounded character.

Contact Sheree to experience the difference dedication and expertise can make in finding your next home.

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