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How can 7 steps change your investment portfolio?

Our 7 step process brings you closer to a stress-free, simplified, profitable portfolio.

  1. Increase Rent – It seems simple, but most owners are afraid to increase rent for fear of losing a tenant or extended vacant periods. While there is some merit in those concerns, our experience makes rent increases possible.
  2. Increase Occupancy – Vacancy is the most the highest expense you’ll have. Our proven marketing and pre-leasing practices get you qualified tenants quicker.
  3. Qualifying – Our 5-point check helps us ensure that we get better-qualified tenants.
  4. Effective Maintenance – better maintenance leads to lower turnover.
  5. Manage Expenses – With better pricing comes a larger bottom dollar and with our transparent record-keeping, your account is going to love you.
  6. Clear Communication – Cutting-edge systems allow us to not only clearly communicate with you, but with prospects, tenants, vendors, and us.
  7. Portfolio Analysis – The simple fact is that when you add more properties owning investment property becomes easier. From the beginning, we position your portfolio for growth. Whether you planning on adding 1 or 100.