Our preference is to renew your lease. You will be offered a leasing concession on your renewal month, and typically, we can keep your rent at the same rent, but you must have a renewal signed no later than the end of February. You may request renewal by clicking this link and completing the form. If the delay in executing a renewal is on our end, we will honor the terms we sent out. Clicking the link will timestamp when you made your request. If you agree to renew the property after the end of February, depending on the date, we may not be able to offer a new lease without the rent increase and concession on your renewal month.


If your property is put on the market for pre-leasing, your lease terms require cooperation with showings. Please disengage keyless deadbolts and secure any animals for easy access. Cleanliness and cooperation help in quick leasing, minimizing disruption. If a new application is approved, you will be given an 1 last opportunity to renew. You will have a 12-hour window to renew, after a property manager has notified you by either phone call email or text. If we do not hear form you we will proceed with the new applicant.

Renewal Restrictions

We don’t allow extensions beyond the notice period.  We will not authorize days past the lease expiration date. The only option is a 12-month lease renewal unless the property is already leased. Renewal terms aligning with lease expirations in May, June, or July of the following year are preferred.


Regarding property showings, two services, Showing Time and Tenant Turner, may contact you to schedule these. Showing Time will reach out via calls from 855-920-6780 or 855-288-4397, which we recommend saving in your phone. Tenant Turner will contact you via text and/or email. We will not perform same-day showings unless authorized by you or a roommate.

We kindly request that animals be securely and safely contained during these showings. As per the terms of your lease, it’s important to keep the property clean and free from debris. This adheres to our agreement and presents the property in its best light, potentially reducing the need for extended showing periods if you decide not to renew.

Your presence isn’t required during showings, but you can stay. Professional agents will accompany all potential tenants. Please ensure keyless deadbolts are unlocked to avoid any unnecessary charges. To simplify scheduling, our policy excludes Sunday showings and same-day appointments.