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"Coldwell Banker Property Management has been managing my properties for four years and have consistently provided excellent services.

They have worked to get the rents up to market value while maintaining high occupancy. Could not be happier and highly recommend Coldwell property management. "

Paul DeLancey

Unlock Maximum Profits with Our Proven 7-Step Success System

Our strategic process optimizes every aspect of your rental business, delivering a truly passive investment experience. From increasing revenue to reducing costs and hassles, our comprehensive approach maximizes returns while you enjoy complete peace of mind.

Maximize Your Rental Income

1. Boost Rents Strategically: Our data-driven approach ensures you charge optimal rents, maximizing income while minimizing vacancy risks. We analyze market trends and implement strategic rent increases at the right times.

2. Achieve High Occupancy: Vacancy is a major drain on profits. Our proven marketing strategies and thorough tenant screening process attract qualified renters quickly, keeping your units occupied and cash flowing.

Protect Your Investment

3. Rigorous Tenant Vetting: Our comprehensive 5-point screening system thoroughly vets applicants, reducing risks of problematic tenants that can damage your property or default on rent.

4. Proactive Maintenance: Our preventative maintenance programs extend the life of your assets and minimize disruptive repairs, leading to lower turnover costs and higher tenant satisfaction.

Maximize Returns

5. Expense Optimization: We leverage our vendor relationships and bulk pricing to keep operating costs low. Our transparent record-keeping provides visibility into where every dollar goes.

6. Clear Communication: Cutting-edge technology facilitates seamless communication between you, prospects, tenants, and vendors for a smooth, hassle-free experience.

7. Strategic Portfolio Growth:
From acquisition analysis to property management, we position your portfolio for smart expansion aligned with your investment goals, whether adding 1 property or 100.

Our 7 Success Steps process brings you closer to a stress-free, simplified, profitable portfolio.

  1. Increase Rent:
    It seems simple, but most owners are afraid to increase rent for fear of losing a tenant or extended vacant periods. While there is some merit in those concerns, our experience makes rent increases possible.
  2. Increase Occupancy:
    Vacancy is the most the highest expense you’ll have. Our proven marketing and pre-leasing practices get you qualified tenants quicker.
  3. Qualifying:
    Our 5-point check helps us ensure that we get better-qualified tenants.
  4. Effective Maintenance:
    better maintenance leads to lower turnover.
  5. Manage Expenses:
    With better pricing comes a larger bottom dollar and with our transparent record-keeping, your account is going to love you.
  6. Clear Communication:
    Cutting-edge systems allow us to not only clearly communicate with you, but with prospects, tenants, vendors, and us.
  7. Portfolio Analysis:
    The simple fact is that when you add more properties owning investment property becomes easier. From the beginning, we position your portfolio for growth. Whether you planning on adding 1 or 100.

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