COVID-19 – Updates

As we enter a new month in a new COVID-19 world, we find ourselves continuing to have to revamp our standard operating procedures. We have had to revamp our process on rent collections, repair requests, office procedures, and notices. We now must turn our attention to showing and practices. Specifically, occupied units.

Pre COVID-19, our policy for showing occupied units, was to give tenants a 24-hour notice and then show the property. For the past three weeks, we have still been operating the same with the exception that if a tenant requested showing to be postponed, we did so.

Effective April 15th, we will no longer postpone showings. As time goes on in our new normal, we must figure out a way to continue business and do it in a manner that is safe and executable. We understand that this may be a little unsettling to some. However, we feel that we have options that everyone can feel good about.

Virtual Showings
If you are not comfortable with a traditional showing, you may request that we do a virtual tour. By doing a virtual tour, that means that an agent will be coming into the house to do a showing. Showings will not be recorded and played to other tenant prospects. A virtual tour will be done for every requested showing.


Traditional Showings
As convenient as virtual tours are nothing can replace the real thing. Certain tenant prospects may not have the means, capacity, or experience to facilitate a successful virtual showing. So we will still be showing tenant prospects, but we want to assure you that we will be following strict showing guidelines.

  • Tenant prospects will have to fill out a form prior to showing attesting the following. Each person listed certifies that to the best of his or her knowledge neither they, nor a member of their household with whom they live, nor a person with whom they work with closely:
  1. Has experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the previous 14 days (fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing).
  2. Is currently diagnosed with COVID-19.
  3. Has a test pending for COVID-19.
  4. Is currently under quarantine due to COVID-19 concerns.
  5. Has had contact in the previous 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  6. Has had contact in the previous 14 days with someone who had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  7. Has traveled in the previous 14 days to anywhere designated as having widespread ongoing transmission by the Centers for Disease Control.


  • Leasing agents will wear masks and gloves as well as having hand sanitizer.
  • We will practice social distancing.
  • We will instruct tenant prospects to refrain touching surfaces. We will make sure that we are limiting our touch points on the property.
  • When and if possible, leasing agents will also try to disinfect areas such as light switches and doorknobs.


Tenant Cooperation
There are things that you, as the tenant, can do to help facilitate these showings. It is our goal to lease the property out as quickly as possible and to impact your life as little as possible.

  • Have the property show ready.
  • Have all lights on. This will minimize our need to have to touch any surfaces in the property.
  • Where possible, have the door to that room already open. Again, this will limit touchpoints.
  • Please practice social distancing during the showing.

We do appreciate your cooperation in moving forward. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office.


Coldwell Banker Residential Property Management


We have implemented additional strategies and policies throughout our office locations to ensure we can continue to serve you and to further help prevent the spread of disease.

  • Our corporate office is open and operating with a minimal the doors will be locked. We ask that your payments be place in the drop box or use your tenant portal at:
  • If you live in one of our apartment communities with onsite management the office be closed despite manager being in the office.
  • We have limited or cancelled team meetings, and large group events.
  • Offices are being cleaned and sanitized daily.

We thank you in advance for your patience and your grace through these times. As conditions change for the better or worse, we will also continue to modify policies. We want you to understand that your tenancy is important to us. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions, comments, or concerns.

The safety of you, our residents, along with our vendors and the entire community is vital to us. Like all of you, we are carefully monitoring the information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We want to assure you we are continuing to operate on a normal schedule and provide all our services to our residents, however we are taking additional precautions to help mitigate the spread of infection and are closely following the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines. We have put the following measures into place to ensure that we continue to provide our services in the safest possible manner.

  • Our vendors have been provided reminders on good hygiene practices and wellness efforts such as frequent hand washing, the use of hand sanitizers and avoiding close contact with anyone who has a fever and a cough.
  • We have asked vendors to maintain personal space and avoid personal interactions such as handshakes.
  • We have asked vendors NOT to come into any residents home if they do not feel well or if they are demonstrating any symptoms of illness.

In emergency situations, we respond. During these difficult times, it’s no different. We will continue to provide the service you can count on.

  • Online Rent Payments – You must continue to pay your rent on time. If you are not already taking advantage of our online payments or electronic cash options we ask that you seriously look into those options.
  • Like always, our Service Requests call center is staffed 24/7 and ready to serve you. 806-799-5370. You may also use your tenant portal.
  • Our vendors are available for your EMERGENCY work orders. Please disinfect the area the vendor will be working on if it is inside. We also ask that you be outside or in another room as the repair is happening. Also, for any repairs in the kitchen, please have dishes washed and put up, in the bathroom areas we ask that you remove personal hygiene products such as tooth brushes, combs, etc.. We would recommend that you put them in baggies or plastic containers and remove them from the workspace.
  • We ask that all Non-Emergency work orders wait.
  • We ask if you or a family member has been exposed to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or is experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, Please contact us to reschedule your work order.
  • Inspections – Our inspection company will still continue to schedule inspections. In light of the COVID-19 Virus we are modifying our procedure for the month of April, if you are not comfortable with the inspection, we will allow the inspection to be postponed. Please note the inspectors are taking precautions. They are wearing gloves, making sure that they have hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. they are taking all precautions to keep working during this unique time in our history.
  • Showings of Occupied properties – We are adopting the same policy. For now, we are allowing showings to be canceled if you are not comfortable with the showing due to Coronavirus concerns. Please call our office at 806-784-3271 to cancel the showing. Please remember that the cancellation must be requested 24 hours prior to showing. Please know that this policy may be subject to change as conditions improve or get worse.
  • If you have been affected by Texas Tech or any other school’s online policy, that will not be grounds to terminate the lease early. However, we can start marketing your property as an immediate move in to see if we can find another tenant. Please call our office for details.